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Top 11 Reasons the GT Site Went Down Friday Night

By Sean Gallagher

 11. It's gone down easy ever since high school.

10. Let's just say that Tony La Russa didn't find that last Top 11 list all that funny.

9. Crushed under the weight of 1,000 dick jokes.

8. Taking a cue from the Blues' effort during the Minnesota game.

7. This joke has terminal Error 404.

6. Trying to get the first overall pick in this year's Blogger Entry Draft.

5. GT readers are at their best when they don't know what to expect from us.

4. Constantly saying that ESPN sucks apparently does have consequences.

3. Gallagher failed to pay the web guys for the 38th consecutive month.

2. Sheer number of people logged on to the Brad Lee Cam crashed the server.

1. Upgraded server to a two-mouse system and needed to install second treadmill.

 From the 12 Fluid Ounces of Gallagher's Brain