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EXTRA! EXTRA! David Frost Still A Douchebag!

By Sean Gallagher

TSN is reporting that Mike "Michael Jefferson" Danton's former agent, David Frost, has been arrested on charges of fraud, impersonation and breach of probation for (allegedly) using a credit card in the name of former Blue and current inmate Mike Danton to pay for some gas.

Hi, I'm a piece of shit.Nice work, asshat. Not only have you mind-fucked the poor kid so hard that he's currently doing hard "pound me in the ass" time in a Federal Pen because he hired a 19-year-old girl from Florissant to set up a hit on you, but you're now taking out lines of credit on his name to get free gas?

Wow. There was once a human being lower on the ladder of life than you, but he did the world a favor and killed himself.

Frost, listen to this advice: just because they call it "suicide watch" doesn't mean they'll actually be watching you that closely.