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I hate "the ducks"

By The Answer Man

Ugh, 25 seconds into overtime. Here's the rub. I had some of the AMC over tonight. We had 2 Busch 30 packs and 3, yes 3, different flavors of pork rinds rollin'. The game was entertaining. Little bit of a cliff hanger and then it is tied up at 2. AM's favorite player, Jamal Mayers, has THE chance to win it and he passes. They don't score. Hell, answer dog
threw up on the carpet at that point. Yeah, Answer Mom is totally going to pound me but maybe she'll wait until the AMC leaves (I hope). So it goes to OT and Fruit Pants (aka Scot Neidermeyer) floats a California pass to some Jerk and he scores. I not only spit Busch all over Snuffy but I threw some pork rinds on the floor. Since the rinds hit the floor, I had to chug three beers and do 75 pusch (notice the spelling) ups. Side note, they only took me 73 seconds. Yeah, I'm totally jacked.

I don't feel great after my pusch ups. This is only one reason as to why I hate "the ducks".

Lesson to be learned is that there is only about 7 more beers left. The AMC is crashing here for the night. Put it this way, the ducks are lucky, if they were nearby the AMC would roll right over them.

So what is the AMC going to do now? We are going to watch Headbanger's Ball, talk about how great "metal" was in our day and remember what a class act it was when the whole Blues team saluted the crowd. The AMC felt the love and stood up, even though we were shirtless, and saluted right back.