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When Losing Is A Good Sign.

By Sean Gallagher

Last year we spent a lot of time as Blues fans saying, "y'know, sometimes a close loss is gonna have to be like a tie and a tie is gonna have to be like a win. Sometimes an OT or SO loss is just going to have to feel like a win."

Ug. That is so depressing.

This year, a loss like the SO loss to the Rangers feels just like shit. It feels like a bad loss. Screw the one point on the road. The Blues were just three minutes away from sweeping the great state of New York this year. That's a big statement for a team on the way up - We can beat teams that are struggling for the playoffs. We don't respect anyone, because we can beat anyone.

Screw the one point on the road. I wanted the win.

Johnny Cash knows how I feel.

And I'm sure the Blues did too. Andy Murray wanted that win on a day when they were honoring his boss, John Davidson, in Madison Square Garden (even as they simultaneously fucked Dave Checketts like a crackhead hooker looking for a fix...or a seat in the building he helped make a true destination). He wanted a win on his birthday. He wanted a win in front of his teenage son who is traveling with the team this week.

He expects more. We expect more. They expect more.

And that is a great thing. Our Blues are on the way back. Next season is going to be better than this season. Brad Boyes has to prove that Boston fucked up. Doug Weight has to prove that he's not coasting. Dutchie Stempniak has to prove that 20 goals is not a big deal for him. David Backes has to prove that he is a top line scorer. Christan backman has to prove that he shouldn't be traded. Manny Legace has to prove that he deserves to be the top man in net and deserves that contract. Ditto for Eric Brewer and his contract. Ditto again for broke ass $4 million man Jay "can I see the doc?" McKee.

The team as a whole has a lot to prove. I expect them to prove that they can be better than this year.

I expect them to prove they can make the playoffs. One point on the road sucks. We should all expect more.