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AM Runs into Weight and Mayers

by the Answer Man

People are constantly asking me how to run into Blues players around town. I have written about this before. The real way to make sure you run into them is to follow them. Keep a safe distance but you'll need to keep a safe distance. Today yours truly bumped into Doug Weight (with Cup ring) and Jamal Mayers.

As you may know, Jamal Mayers is AM's favorite current Blues player. I was at the gym today and they were there with their wives and Mr. Andy Strickland having a photo shoot and interview for the new St. Louis Sports Magazine. As always, Andy was totally cool. I'm tempted to offer him AMC membership. Yeah, yeah I know some of you GT'ers don't like his work but this guy is on our side you Bums. He gets us some great inside info and he is clearly a big Blues fan and not too shabby of a rec league player. He's also always very cordial to AM. It might be the huge guns though.

Any who, back to the "run in". So Jamal, Mrs. Jamal, Doug and Mrs. Doug were being interviewed and pictured all over the gym. When I'm at the gym, I talk to no one. I pound out my reps, flex, sweat, grunt, rock out and smile at the ladies. Today, I decided to spice things up. While I was on the bench (6 sets at 225 at 7 reps) Jamal was at a nearby bench and looking for plates to add to the bar for his next picture with Mrs. Jamal. So here is our conversation:

AM, "Don't touch the ones on this bar I'm using."
Jamal, "I'm sorry?"
AM, "If you are lucky, I'll let you spot me on the last set"
Jamal, "Um, OK. I'll just grab these from the rack. Hey, that is a sweet tattoo."
AM, "I know." I then proceed to flex and get all "veiny"

I go about my routine and get totally ripped as usual. I have a brief conversation with Mr. Strickland and wish him luck on the new mag.

After my shower and flexing session in the locker room, I head for the door. Well what do you know? Andy is still interviewing the wives and Doug is sitting down at a table in the front lobby with Jamal standing next to him. They seem to be having a light hearted conversation. I am tempted to ask them who is going to win the Cup this year. I then realize that is very gay. So I casually and in all of my AM-ness I say, "Gentlemen. Best of luck next year. I'm a big fan and wish you both the best." Then I gave them a look at the right bicep. I call that one Thunder. They answered very politely and wish me well. Before I walk away I get a glimpse of Doug’s Cup ring. It is huge. If you put it in a sock and swung it at someone's head and connected, they would die.

So how do you run into Blues players? First, you get totally buff and ripped. Join a gym. Flex a lot. Play your cards right and tell them AM sent ya.

Next Day Edit- I went back to the gym today (cardio) and Mayers or Weight wasn't there. I'm stumped. I figured we connected and were going to be Work Out Buddies. Hell, even snuffy came along with me today. No Blues in sight. Maybe this is their rest day, who knows. Snuffy is totally bummed. He had his Blues 1992 Autographed team mug with him. No idea why he'd want those guys to sign it but he did. Snuffy just isn't all there, you know? There is also a chance they both realized I'm a total BA and were intimidated. Your guess is as good as mine. Oh and yes, I'll be there tomorrow. Tomorrow is circuit training.