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11 bad things about watching the Blues’ top prospect play at ScotchTape centre

11: Every time I see T.J., I look for the hooker. But nada. Not even an Adrian Zmed sighting

10: Every time his team scores, everyone on the ice does a victory lap.

09: Did I mention that the lap ends with a Howie Mandel style knuckle rap with his goalie?

08: Their opponent brought a guy in a bald eagle suit who could skate; they brought an octet of pom-pom girls who couldn’trah rah ree kick them in the knee

07: His team’s colors are Kermit the Frog green and white-bread white

06: Just like some Atlanta or Dallas  yahoos, their fans yell something during the national anthem

05: Unlike the other yahoos, the word they yell isn’t actually in our anthem.

04: Their band’s fight song is by Gary Glitter. If you don’t know why that is evil you can figure it out here

03: Any college that teaches its athletes to spell “twos” t-o-e-w-s need to be investigated

02: I knew they were a member of the NCAA; I did NOT know that stood for No Consuming Alcohol Allowed!!!

01: As far as I can tell his team’s name is Battling Rhonda or Punching Judy or some such.