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Another Answer Man?!!!

by THE Answer Man

Check it Bleeds. It's your loving, adoring and totally BA Answer Man. I am posting to squash the rampant rumors about me. Looks like the "legit" news media is getting in on our action again.

His tag line is this: "Please welcome The Answer Man, who has been a NASCAR fan since the days when he rode down those windy mountain roads with his moonshine-runnin’ daddy, and who drives the Car of Yesterday."

First off, you should know that this isn't me. NASCAR?! Really? NASCAR is one of the most ridiculous "sports" out there. I'd rather watch WNBA (not just for the hot chicks either). Also, have you ever heard me refer to “Answer Daddy”? Exactly. What a piece of crap this guy is.

The MSNBC "Answer Man" clearly is trying to live off of the sexy legacy of Yours Truly. It has been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I highly disagree in this case. Why, you ask? It's because this dude clearly knows I'm a Booty Thrillah with a fly '84 Camaro and I'd punch his face in if I ever met him.

Fear not faithful GT'ers. AM is staying true to the "code", training hard, fishin', representing North Co. and is always prepared to beat down the imposters.

I gotta run now. I need to drive Snuffy to the hospital. He'll be fine so don't worry. It is a routine de-worming.