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The Day Towel Boy Died (a little)

By Sean Gallagher

The folks here at Game Time have a bit of a problem with our friend "The Towel Man" who invades our post-goal celebration at Blues home games with his stupid airbrushed jeans and his retarded mullet and his self-promoting PR gimmicks that he throws into the crowd.

Beyond that, we've found that when we print material making fun of him or lamenting the existance of him, we get plenty of positive feedback. We're not the only ones who dislike him, it seems.

I fell even less in like with him this year when he started bagging games that were not well attended (especially the really cold weather games). As someone who freezes my ass off on the regular to bring my little part of game day to the fans, I find that a bit insincere, especially for a dick who gets to promote his business on the Jumbo at every game.

So, for those of us who slave for our craft and die for our team, the second best thing we could ask for is for Towel Boy to go away. If that could happen in some humiliating way, well all the better.

This Fall I got to see it. Luckily for me I was sitting with fellow Towelie-hater and GT Staffer, Brad Lee, who pointed out the debacle to me.

For the Frozen Four, someone decided to put him in a box and have him pump up the college hockey fans. Unfortunately for Mr. Airbrushed Jeans and Tuxedo Jacket, college hockey fans have their own celebrations and could not care less about you and your ability to count.

After one goal, Towel Boy got no response and pegged someone in the back of the head. After two, he got no response and pegged someone in the head.

After the next goal, Towel Boy never even got up and tried.

Goodbye, Towelie, hope you enjoyed the shame. Tastes like battery acid, no?