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Top 11 Latest Answer Man Thoughts on the NHL

by Answer Man

Well, we are in full carnival season all the while just sitting through the conference finals. These are the Top 11 things that came to mind. Now I gotta get back to the church picnics and summer carnivals with sweet rides and challenging Carnie games. You can read into that last sentence as “get back to werkin’ chicks”. Dig it.

11. Daniel Alfredsson is a punk. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s delivering points but he still ran that dude from behind like a punk and someone should have freight trained him. Nice porn "stache" too you jerk.

10. Chris Pronger is a Finals Black Cat. I predict that Ottawa wins solely based on the fact that Pronger is playing. Take that to the bank.

9. The Cup should go back to Canada this year.

8. Thomas Holstrom is a Queer Bait. He is a bum who’d never back up any of the little cheap shots he doles out.

7. I watched Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. In the 3rd, Giguere gave it up more then my prom date did. Was he not aware he needs to stop the puck during all THREE periods?

6. Chelios is a freak of nature. He is the perfect example of what proper training will get you. He is normally a whiney bitch but I thought it was pretty classy how he went about shaking hands with Anaheim’s coaching staff. AM Edit- Word on the street is that he didn't go through the handshake line. If true, that makes him a piece of crap.

5. If (when) Ottawa wins, Ray Emery still won’t be considered a great goalie.

4. Having Ottawa and Anaheim in the finals sucks for exposure for the league in the US.

3. Why aren’t Anaheim fans embarrassed to where the old “Mighty” jerseys? Those are the worst I have ever seen. Nice teal and eggplant you Weirdoes.

2. Teemu? Your name is Teemu? Um, OK…yeah. On top of that, your helmet could not be gayer. Put it this way, you will never ride in my Camaro you Fruit.

1. I would kill to have the Blues in the finals.