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Is That The Answer Man?

By The Answer Man

I hear this question multiple times a day. Usually people whispering it, afraid to approach me. The other question I get, usually from the few who aren't afraid to approach me, is, "Did you really run into Mayers and Weight at the gym?"

Well now I have proof and there is an image of me. Please go to the latest issue of St. Louis Sports Magazine. Proceed to Page 4. It is a picture montage and Yours Truly is gracing said magazine.Â

Here's proof if you are too lazy to look it up:

Is that the Answer Man?

The picture above is actually a reflection of me. Sweet Guns and totally fly workout tank, huh? You will notice no one is around me. Is it because creatine gives me wicked gas?

Nope, I'm a total BA and people know not to mess with me when I'm sculpting the guns.