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The Answer Man On The Road

By Sean Gallagher

AM is packed and ready to invade.Those fans of GT who also pay attention to the message board know that our own Answer Man helped his team win their division title in their Senior Rec League. The big prize? A trip to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to defend the honor of St. Louis against the Senior Rec Leaguers of Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities that are short on hockey talent and long on 30-to-50-somethings who try to skate once a week and not embarrass themselves.

Or, in the case of the AM, skate once a week, fight dudes who are asking for it, score some crucial goals, enforce The Code and then drink enough beer to undo all the calories lost during the game.

But whatever. Today the news is that the AM and his team are traveling to America's Hat to defend the, um, honor I guess, of St. Louis' B2 level Rec League. This battle is for all of us! Well, for those of us who consider themselves "B2" in any way, shape or form.

The really good news? I'm going to Canada with the Answer Man's team. The reasons are twofold: for one, I've never been to Toronto, which some would say is hockey's mecca. We'll see. Secondly, this fulfills one of my contractual agreements to me being part of The Answer Man Crew (AMC), which conversely keeps the Answer Man back in the GT fold for next season. I might be a bit worried, but I'll do anything for this paper.

The best news? I'll be bringing a camera and I'll be documenting everything that happens as we go from now until Sunday night when we return to the Gateway City. The AM may make a post or two along the way, but from what I can tell, he may not because he's far too focused on game day, pickle juice (which may or may not mean real pickle juice or may just be some sort of gay reference), the post-game hot tub, and lots and lots (and lots) of homoerotic (read: homophobic)Â jokes.

 Look out Toronto, here comes our Answer Man.