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Saturday in Toronto, AM Style

By Sean Gallagher

Due to limited access to the internet and super-easy access to beer on Friday night, I was unable to update the AM progress. Breaking down the day into two parts:

Games: The Answer Man's squad looked listless on Friday night and got wiped out 5-1 by a team from DC. I can't be sure, but it looked to me like the AM was reciting the Code again for everyone on the bench. That, combined with a team-building trip on Friday night, seemed to spark the boys. On Saturday morning they won a fast, physical and sometimes chippy game against a team from Chicago. The third game, a must-win to give them any chance of a game in the Finals, is Saturday night against yet another team from Chicago.

Entertainment: Between the team-building Friday on the town and a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame, including a picture of the AM with the Cup that I know you'll all be excited to see, the trip has been quite entertaining. The stories have definitely trended towards the not-ready-for-prime-time.

At least two of the members of the team earned new nicknames. One guy was told by a waitress that he looked "just like Gordie Howe", which may not be a compliment for a guy in his 30's. The second one is just a little too much to explain, even for me.

Lastly, the hotel we are in is also the place where all of the NHL's team scouts and player development officials are staying, as well as all of the top prospects for this summer's draft. We've run into personnel from Florida, Colorado and San Jose so far and a whole bunch of the prospects. Game Time Prospect Department, eat your heart out.

Oh, and the Answer Man is thinking about trying to start a fight with one of the prospects.