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Detritus from the Answer Man’s Trip

By Sean Gallagher

A week removed from the now-infamous trip to Toronto, I finally have the last debris to disseminate. First I submit proof that the Answer Man cares not for signs. Just because the parking garage under the Hockey Hall of Fame has painted the words "Compact Only" on the wall does not mean that you can't park a 12-passenger van in that spot.

"Painted signs are just a guideline."

Microscopic clearance still counts as clearance.

 Honestly, I think there was only clearance under that pipe when people were in the van. Thank god for rentals, right?

Secondly, to the right is the much-anticipated picture of the AM with the Cup. Unfortunately just as I snapped the picture Rocking the Blues hat at the Hallhe bacame very interested in the names of the last Flyers team to win the Cup. Someday we'll get him, I swear...

And finally, at the bottom, I have the x-ray of the nasty break the AM suffered at the hands of those dirty bastards from Chicago. Probably Hawk fans, the gutless pricks.

As you can see, the other teams in the AM's senior mens' rec league can breathe easy for a bit, because he won't be lacing the skates up for quite some time. And no, I don't know why it looks like he has a stab wound on his chest in that x-ray.

Luckily he can type (among other things) one handed, so GT readers will still get the benfit of his prose.

Does it look like he got stabbed, too?