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Top 11 Ways Lars Eller Convinced the Blues He Was OK to Draft

11: Told them all Swedes hold their wrists that way, just ask Don Cherry

10: Told them not to worry- he was working on his "Answer Man" costume for the post-draft party

Bad for the wrist?

 09:Told them he was twice the player Jamal Mayers was even with one hand tied behind his back

08: Had his parents write Larry Pleau a touching letter

07: Said those two magic words that always work for Ryan Johnson: "Come on!"

06:Reminded Jarmo that his next highest rated player was an American

05: Told John Davidson that he was at least as durable as Barret Jackman

ooowww my spleen!!!

04: Hey, the only things he does with that wrist are shooting, passing, checking, deflecting, and blocking. It should have no effect on his skating, check cashing and bench sitting.

03: Promised to do special wrist excerises every night he had a hotel room with HBO

02: Oh please, like the Blues even talk to people they plan to draft.

The Mckee Memorial bench to be renamed??

01: Reminded Dave Checketts that he looks better in street clothes than Jay Mckee does