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Thank God Almighty, Free At Last!!!

By the Answer Man

Removed Answer Cast

Check it, the Pride of North Co got his Answer Cast off! Was it a learning experience? Well, yeah. I now have a better idea about my pain tolerance and I can do tons of things one handed. On top of that, not being able to literally lay down for 5 weeks straight makes a man a little edgy.

The cast was beneficial from a revenue standpoint. As you can see I sold some advertising space on it. Gallagher got a sweetheart deal too for the web address listing on there. I have to be honest. I didn’t even charge North County for the space. I should have paid them.

So now it is time to get Lighting back in shape. I got word from the Answer Doc that I can play again in January. I can start lifting weights in August. So now I need to get focused on the AMC, Camros and Camo. I am coming back bigger and badder then ever.

I have already decided, my first game back is going to be very memorable. I am pounding someone right at the start and when I’m done with that guy, I’ll move on to another. I’m aroused just thinking about it. This should lead to my invite to next years Blues Development Camp for sure.

So look out Peeps. AM is back and he is pissed.