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Prospect Department Hits The Air

I hope Internet radios will look like this some day

By Brad Lee

In case you missed this week's edition of "The Pipeline Show" Monday night on 1260 The Team Sports Radio in Edmonton, our own Prospect Department (Brian Weidler) was a featured guest with host Guy Flaming (insert gay porn actor joke here). We took some notes and decided to share them. They're chronological yet kind of random. Go figure.

- Even before the segment began, Flaming teased the segment before the break saying he'll have live on the air Brian Weidler from St. Louis Game Night. Huh? A quick call to Game Time HQ confirmed Gallagher was listening. He answered the phone saying, "Well that started well."

- In talking about the Toivonen trade, Flaming (STILL not making that name up) asked who "won" the trade. Weidler began his response with, "Right off the top, I may be a little biased, but I think the Blues won that deal." If we were on the air answering that question, the response probably would have been something like, "The Bruins are morons! They practically gave the Blues Boyes now a young promising goalie too for a half-blind Swedish guy? No wonder Boston has sucked for so long." Just saying, Weidler was probably more even-handed than we would have been.

- In talking about why Soderberg was traded, Weidler said, "The Blues have a ton of center prospects." It's quite possible those words have never been put together in the same sentence. Ever.

- Weidler used the Canadian pronunciation "organ-eye-zation." Twice.

- "Lars Eller was a guy I was looking at all year as a player I thought the Blues would be interested in," Weidler said. If anyone else had said this, I would have called bullshit. Weidler, I have no doubt that's true.

- After the third time Flamer called the publication St. Louis Game Night, Weidler mentioned that he interviewed David Perron personally for St. Louis Game Time. Even after Weidler gave the Game Time web address, Flamer still called us Game Night a fourth and final time. All of our readers in Edmonton have probably sworn never to listen to The Pipeline Show ever again. That'll teach Flamer a lesson.

- In describing the site/publication, Weidler said: "All of my articles are on the Web site including articles written by our editor... and our other writers." Thanks for the plug, buddy.

- That led to this exchange:

Flamer: And would the editor's name be Sean Gallagher?

Weidler: That would be him.

Flamer: I think he was in my fantasy league last year, finishing well outside the playoffs. We won't hold that against him. (Edit: Awesome.)

(There's a chance that we didn't take notes about all the informative nuggets Weidler dug up about the future Notes, including lots of well-pronounced European names, and just typed up the funny moments. There's also a really good chance Weidler taught those Edmontonians a little something tonight and made Game Time sound a little more professional than we really are, and for that, we're grateful.)