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Ice Girls = No Skating Required? — UPDATE!

neither of these women are my wifeÂ

By Brad Lee

When last we ranted about the still-forming Ice Girls for the Blues, we were not impressed by the fact that the new Ice Girls would be required to have dance skills but no skating skills (insert Sasha Khavanov joke here). Still feel that way, we're not on board. And neither is Mrs. Brad Lee even if they asked her in an e-mail to try out for the squad (said e-mail arrived last week).

You need to know a few things.

  1. Mrs. Brad Lee has never trained as a dancer.

  2. Mrs. Brad Lee has absolutely no interest in wearing a shirt that reveals her bare midriff in public, especially amongst a gaggle of girls a lot closer to age 21 than she is.

  3. Mrs. Brad Lee expects the Ice Girls to suck... at adding entertainment to the game night experience.

So she won't be trying out (not that I wouldn't support her; who wouldn't want to be married to a cheerleader?). What this e-mail shows is the Blues might be somewhat desperate in getting girls to sign up for the tryout. That or they want to invite every single person they think might be even remotely interested. Let's just hope my nemesis, the Cotton Eyed Joe Guy, and Towel Boy were invited to the tryout too.

Not Towel Boy, but could be