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Rest In Peace, Blue Note Blog.

By Sean Gallagher

Saddened by the untimely demise of our bloggy friend known as the Blue Note Blog, I was discussing with fellow GT writer Brad Lee about an appropriate wake. After a brief discussion, we hit upon the perfect tribute: time to pour one out on the curb for our homie.

Luckily for all of us (but mostly for Greg), the writer of the blog is just fine. The problem is that he happens to have a job that pays real money, as opposed to a blog (like almost all blogs) which pays only fake money.

So, unfortunately, the Blue Note Blog, which was a more refined and less emotionally unhinged version of our own bloggy efforts, is no more. We will miss you, BNB, but at least we will still see Greg down at 14th & Brett Hull Way come this fall.

In GT fashion, here is your send off. As with most things GT, we skimped on the bill and bought a 24 oz of Camo 24 Silver Ice XXX rather than poppng for a more-fitting St Louis or Canadian product. But we did save about 49 cents, so....

Pourin one out for the homie.

And then...

Pouring one IN the homie.