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Time for Blues Summer Camp

They'll have a camp fire, right?

By Brad Lee

Officially starting today (apparently there was some informal skating on Sunday), the Blues are opening their second developmental camp at their training facility in the Mills Mall. Last year it was the Prospect Camp. Now it's Development Camp '07! They even have a logo!

Fear the whistle

Seriously, last year's event was a fun time. It was our first chance to see Erik Johnson skate wearing a muscial note. David Backes showed a glimpse of why the organ-eye-zation was so high on him. And it was nice to see John Davidson in person for the first time and welcome him back to St. Louis. Hockey in July is like Christmas come early.  The 2006 edition would have been even awsomer if it hadn't been cut short by the massive power outages after the freakish summer storm that crippled the city for about a week.

The Blues' Web site has a full run down of the practice schedule. They plan a full blown game at 7 p.m. Friday night. Best part? The cost:

I'll take gratuitious images for $400, Alex.