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Jay McKee Q & A

I've fallen, and I can't get up!

By Brad Lee

On the Blues' Web site, there's an offseason question and answer interview with Blues defenseman Jay McKee. You might remember McKee was the defenseman the Blues signed from Buffalo before last season giving him $4 million a year for four years to apparently fall down and get hurt a lot. He tallied zero points in 23 games last year.

Most of us here at Game Time probably shouldn't be trusted with an interview of any player, coach, trainer, stick boy, Ice Girl, zamboni driver, secretary or ticket taker because the questions might come out a little something like this (with McKee's real answers!):

Q. We actually forgot that you are still on the team because of all the time you spent on the injured list last year. Your lingering malladies really hurt the team’s performance. Other than helping to get Mike Kitchen fired, did you get anything out of last season?

A. "I think the highlight of the season for myself is just being here and being part of this club and getting to know the guys. That’s kind of a new chapter in my life after being in one spot for 10 years. So I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this organization and seeing the direction that it’s going."

Q. Did you become accustomed to sitting and watching your team lose without you or are you ready to test your papier-mâché like body and actually earn some of your paycheck?

A. "I’m looking forward to playing. When you play hockey all your life, there’s nothing you’d rather do than be healthy for a season and play all the games. Hopefully I’ll come back stronger than ever."

Q. Since you signed that lucrative contract last year, I’m sure you’re spending most of the summer sitting on a beach somewhere enjoying drinks with little umbrellas and not in some boring city filled with perpetual losers in upstate New York. What kinds of exotic vacations have you taken?Â

A. "Nothing for me. I’ll spend my summer in Buffalo, so there’s no vacation plans in the immediate future."

Q. When are you going to get back in the gym so you can prepare for next year’s laundry list of physical injuries?

A. "I started right away. I can do upper body stuff with my injury. I like to run and bike in the summer and do a lot of that with my cardio. Just like everyone else, I’ll train all summer and be ready for next season."

Q. Two words: Strip and club. What's your favorite gentleman's establishment (if you think the wife will see this, just tell me you’re a home body and you can e-mail me privately)?

A. "No, you know what, I usually just stick around the house with the kids."

Q. Most Blues fans were either still alienated by the past ownership or the crappy play of the worst team in hockey in 2005-06 and probably weren’t paying attention the few times you were healthy enough to play last year. What would you like to tell the few dozen fanatics that could recognize you at the mall?

A. "I want to thank them for all their support for myself and for this hockey club. The fans are what makes this game run. I saw it before when I played here years ago. It’s an incredible city and an incredible sports town, and we’re all looking forward to next season."