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Dear Blues, Keep The Old Goal Song

Look at my organ.

By Brad Lee

I will give it to the St. Louis Blues, they're not afraid to mix it up in the corners--on an off the ice. But they shouldn't screw up a good thing.

If you go to the Blues Web site, ignore the picture of Doug Weight holding flowers (more on that later this week, the boss promises) and check out the fan poll concerning the Blues' goal celebration song. The team wants to know if it should keep the old organ theme "When the Blues Go Marching In" or this douchey 80's-sounding light guitar riff with some stupid heys thrown in. Obviously we're urging you to vote old school.

The Blues, for a team that's never won a championship and hasn't been back to the Finals since before I was born, has some cool traditions. And that song is one of them. I can only imagine what it was like during the early years when the fans would sing along to the organ. It was probably pretty cool. All those diehard fans who have probably suffered aneurysms and heart attacks at the hands of this franchise, they'd roll over in their nursing home beds and shout curse words at the sky if any of the kind nurses told them the Blues were considering that other shitty song. It's that bad.

Don't get us wrong, we like progress and we're not slaves to the organ like some Internet-dwelling denizens who are obsessed with the organ and Katherine McPhee and whose name will not be uttered. It's just an easy decision given the two choices. Maybe that was the point. "Let's let the fans choose between old reliable and the worst fucking song we can find so that we can trumpet our fans believing in team tradition." Well it worked. Vote old organ song.