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Gluttony Makes A Comeback

Sausage King of Chicago?

By Brad Lee

For a second season in a row, the Blues are welcoming all freeloaders who can't pass up a free hot dog or basket of chicken fingers to save their colon. The free food day is coming back for an encore.

We were a little fearful of this event last year. Here's what we wrote in the Game Time paper as part of the Top 11 Predicted Fan Comments On Free Food Day:

  • Hey, is Game Time free too?

  • So the hot dogs are free, right? How many do you have?

  • I wonder when the free beer game is.

  • Dave Checketts just served me my chicken strips. I tipped him a buck.

  • Man Tkachuk is playing pissed off today. I think the smell in here has him upset none of this is on his diet.

  • I figured if they made anyone in Blues management serve free food, they’d make Mike Kitchen come back and do it.

  • I wonder if we go to the East Side, is it free lap dance day too?

  • I could totally win the hot dog eating contest on Coney Island. I’ve got a good 100 pounds on that Japanese guy who wins every year.

  • You couldn’t pay me to eat those crappy nachos.

But the game was a wild success with more than 17,000 fans buying tickets on a day the weather man predicted the area would get like 10 feet of snow if we remember correctly. And while we're all for the owners looking out for the little guy (little describing the pocket book and not the waistline of most fans on free food day), we're really hopeful a better team will be enough to help fill the DrinkScotch Center on nights not involving the retiring of jersey numbers.Â

We might actually go to this game this time around. You never know who might show up.

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