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Why I Hate Certain Bloggy ‘Media’ People

By Sean Gallagher

Let me be completely up-front about this: I had hoped that Game Time might someday make me some money. Not a ton of money. Not like roll around in the loose bills while naked money. Not like, "throw it on the pile, Jeeves" money. Hell, not even like, "my staff and I would like the matching black Lexus coupes" money.

Nah, I'd hoped that one day I could take my GT profits and pay for the kids' grade school bills kind of money (stupid private schools and all their bills).

But that didn't pan out.

At this point, while I still dream about rolling around naked in loose bills, if I could take my Game Time profits and purchase a nice storage shed for all my GT gear, a new Blues hat for this year and about 24 Busch beers, I'd call it a good season.

But the cost of a new storage shed is fucking that plan up pretty bad.

Which brings me to yet another point: if I'm spending full-time hours every week of every during-season week and part-time hours of every off-season week for very little pay, what are my writers doing? I'll tell you: working part-time hours year-round for even less pay. They do it for the opportunity to reach an audience and spout their knowledge and for the opportunity to drink and eat free on the GT tab about two times a year. That is dedication.

So you'll have to excuse me when I get a tad upset when I hear about people who are trying to dupe readers and internet surfers into giving up money for cash and respect for half-assed returns.

We write because we love it. We write because we love our team. We'd do it for free. Hell, we DO do it for free.

And here's the deal: as much as I'd love to publish GT as my job and love to buy everyone on staff a nice new car and have so much money in the coffers that we could get arrested for back-dating our stock options, that just isn't ever going to happen. And I could not care less. We'll still be here and we'll still do everything to bring the info and the funny as often as we can.

That's why I hate the posers and the half-steppers and the wannabes and the fakes and the phoneys and the people out there who look down on the DIY/blogger community. There is no faster way to make yourself an enemy of GT than to be some corporate shill or to be a money-grubber in DIY clothing.

Some of you are info-junkies and you'll take your NHL news any way you can get it. I don't judge you for this, as I do the same thing. But I just want you to have all the info. And so I give you this link. I have no problem with you visting the hockeybuzz site if you are thirsty for hockey news, I just want you to take the whole thing with a (gigantic) grain of salt.

Check out the Fanhouse's article which is heavily linked about the hockey blogger Eklund and his site.

In particular, check the self-promoting/self-disguising posts that were uncovered by Kukla's Korner. I love the faux-email he 'mistakenly' sent out to all of his subscribers.

I'm also a fan of the Acid Queen, who went head-to-head with Eklund, only to have him deny that it occurred when he got pummeled by her. Even if her team won a Cup way too early in their re-incarnation, I have to give her some 'props' as the kids say.

Also interesting is the blog comments when he got crushed by the hockey blogospherowebs' biggest names for his lies and deceit.

Finally, in a move that makes me more pissy than any of the others, in an attempt to make even more cash off his believers, he allegedly offered prizes for fantasy game winners which were never paid off. There's even a class-action suit against him. [I was sent a note by Greg Wyshynski, the author of the original article, to point out that this class-action lawsuit does not exist. While I have seen emails that show the allegations exist, apparently no one has actually gone so far as to sue Eklund.]

Which turns me off to ever making money as the publisher of St Louis Game Time. Somehow, I think we're better off as a bunch of fans who like to write about hockey and our team and making just enough profit to pay for a couple good parties.

Unless, of course, YOU feel like buying us a few matching black coupes.

[a tip to Hockey Rants - which is where I got the initial link that made me so mad in the first place.]