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(Slightly OT): Son Of GTPD to intern with IceHogs

By Brian Weidler, Game Time Prospect Department

ROCKFORD, Ill. (GT) -- As part of a secret, covert attempt to get the "inside scoop" on a bitter rival, the "Game Time" Prospect Department has learned that Son Of Prospect Department will be serving as an intern for the AHL's Rockford IceHogs, beginning Monday, August 6.

Dan Gerber, a 2007 graduate of St. Mary's University (Minnesota) with a BA in Public Relations, will assist the Hogs' staff with preparation of game day materials, and serve as a "runner" (appropriate for a young man who has been a 100- and 200-meter sprinter since grade school) during home games.

The IceHogs, primary affiliate of the Chicago Blackhawks, will begin their first season in the AHL this year after seven years in the United Hockey League (UHL). The franchise culminated their time in the "U" with the 2006-07 Colonial Cup championship.

Chicago, like the Blues, has quietly drafted and signed a very impressive stable of young prospects, such as 2007 first-overall pick Patrick Kane, college star Jack Skille, and rookie pros Cam Barker and David Bolland. It is hoped that, with the emphasis on the future being shown by both organizations, the formerly bitter "Route 66Â Rivalry" can resume at the same level of intensity fans in both cities enjoyed for most of three decades.


"If we do not prepare for ourselves the role of the hammer, there will be nothing left but that of the anvil."

-- Otto von Bismarck, 1851