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Filed under: article on prospects uses Perron quote from this site

By Brian Weidler, Game Time Prospect Department

EDIT: At about 1:30 PM, CDT, on August 7, 2007, I got a personal message from Bill Meltzer explaining the circumstances as to why material from this site was used with no attribution in the article I mention below. I understand and appreciate the circumstances behind the lack of attribution, and look forward to this matter being "water under the bridge."

-- Brian


"Game Time" is apparently becoming known as a source for information on the Blues' prospects, even if we're not being credited for it... yet.

Check out this article by Bill Meltzer on the site, and scroll down to the section on David Perron. The Blues' 26th-overall pick in the 2007 draft is quoted in the Meltzer article as follows:

“I’m not looking to come here in September for training camp just to make an impression, just to have the experience. I want to make the team right away,” Perron said recently.

This quote was taken, verbatim, from our interview with Perron, posted at this very site on July 20, 2007.

See the Perron quote in its original context here.

As a professional courtesy, a little plug for the site -- or at least a byline -- would have been nice, Bill.

Just sayin'...


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-- Otto von Bismarck, 1851