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Answer Man’s 2007-2008 Season Predictions

by Answer Man

Check it, man the Blues have had one hell of an off season huh? Holy funnel cakes has this been great. It seems like the Blues are the favorite sports team here in STL right now. Sean “G-Diddy” Gallagher, asked us usual knucklehead contributors to put our two cents in on what we foresee happening this upcoming season. Yours Truly, of course has an opinion. It may be fueled by BBQ’d pork steaks (my own secret recipe) and Busch beer but it is still a damn good one Suckas.

What I decided to do is not really focus on one area (say fighting) but decided to pick out some things that I felt would develop throughout the season. So chew on these and let us know what you think. I went with the old faithful of Top 11 Predictions:

1. Paul Kariya scores 46 goals. Sir Paul will be the trigger for the Blues this year. He will have maximum chances this year. Hopefully he can stay healthy
2. The “Dave Checketts/Georgia Frontier” sex tape still does not see light of day
3. Doug Weight will break 100 points. Doug will dish it out this year and will have some finishers finally skating with him.
4. Cajanek does not finish the season with the Blues. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all but when you are the only dude who sits down to pee, the other guys will take notice.
5. Jamal Mayers will pound Jordin Tootoo like he stole something
6. I will scientifically prove that North County is better then South County and even West County.
7. The Ice Girls will have their inaugural and final season at the same time
8. Andy Murray finally clears his throat and reveals a lovely singing voice.
9. Kevin Lowe will sign Matt Walker to a 4 year $29 million offer sheet.
10. This year, there will be 3 jersey retirement ceremonies. They are for Paul and Gino Cavallini and then in an effort to continue to retire jerseys for players that work for other teams, the Blues will retire Paul MacLean’s number. Man, he had a sweet stache.
Big Daddy Paul MacLean

Well there you have it Answer Nation. These are my thoughts so far on the season. The Blues no longer have “The Bad Vibes” going on nowadays. Things are looking up. I gotta run. I need to head to the gym for some cardio before I run to the mall and get a new Blues fanny pack. Take care of each other and don’t forget to practice your air guitar. Ladies love a guy with mad air guitar skills.