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I’ll do anything for love- but I won’t do THAT

By Childhood TraumaÂ

It seems the Blues' marketing campaign has to have something in common with Meatloaf. Will they do ANYTHING to get you back? Probably not... so here are the

Top 11 Things The Blues Will (probably) Not Do To Get You Back

11: Sell the stall next to Sen. Larry Craig's as part of a 10-game ticket package.

Meet me in St. Loo?

10: Get Michael Vick to dog-sit for you on game nights.

 09: Hire Ann Coulter to give a 9/11 victim's memorial speech.

 08: Replace Jamal Mayers with someone who can play hockey.

 07: Cancel plans to retire No. 13 during some mid-week Eastern Conference match-up

 06: Replace the goal horn blast with the distinctive sound only reproducable by having three midgets jumping on a partially decomposing Pavarotti corpse.

who has the bottom hand now?

05: Let you enjoy a hot, fresh copy of Game Time in the parking garage.

04: Bat the Goalie 8th.

03: Put Gen. David Petraeus in charge of a "Fan Surge."

02: Get the surviving Beatles together to sing a special version of "Blues Revolution #9."

He got 4 sticks or is he just happy to see us?he's looking through you

01: Have Maya Angelou deliver season tickets to the fans, in a crop top..... and nothing else.