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Wanna Be Famous?

By Sean Gallagher

Or, more correctly, sorta famous? In only the realm of Blues hockey games. Home games. In the upper bowl. In only certain areas. And only if you tell people who you are?

St. Louis Game Time has openings for rabid fans with the ability to put several sentances together in a roughly coherent manner. Our staff is comprised of Blues fans who just want to use our public forum to write about their favorite teams.

 We have the opportunity for writers, statisticians or comedy hacks who want to get their work published. The hours are terrible, the pay is non-existant an the season will never feel longer.

And yet, somehow it always seems worth it.

If you have ideas on what you think you can contribute, contact the editor using the information below. Or, if you love the Blues, love to write (or compile stats, or write jokes about hockey) and have NO ideas on how you can contribute, contact the same editor using the same information below and we'll find a way to get you involved.

 Let's Go Blues!

Sean Gallagher

(314) 402-2266