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Perron Giving Blues Tough Decision

By Brad Lee

Nineteen-year-old prospect David Perron scored a game-tying goal in his first NHL preseason game Saturday night in Atlanta. He had a strong game Tuesday night in Dallas in an AHL-only preseason game, earning the spot in the win against the Thrashers.

Perron was the 26th overall pick in this year's draft. The 5 foot, 11 inch forward is the only draftee to sign a contract from this year. The AHL has a minimum age of 20, so Perron has two options. He can return to the Quebec Major Junior League, have tons of playing time and most likely dominate. Or, he could stay with the Blues and see where he fits in the NHL lineup, probably on the third or fourth line.

For a team that has struggled to put the puck in the net the last two seasons, it's exciting to see another young forward emerge so quickly to hopefully contribute on a team that has the potential to see the postseason.

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