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Bill Wirtz Is Dead

By Brad Lee

When the season rolls around and the Blackhawks play their first game in St. Louis, we won't have Hawks owner Bill Wirtz to kick around. He died early this morning from cancer.

We'll refrain from taking any potshots in the main post (the comments could get a little interesting) because Wirtz indirectly led to the birth of St. Louis Game Time. We started after Jeffio folded up Game Night Review after a 10-year run. He was inspired by a lunatic in Chicago who started his own fan-run newspaper and sold it outside the old Chicago Stadium to tell people how much he hated "Dollar" Bill Wirtz. Without him, we'd be spending quality time with our family during the winter.

By the way, our friends at Deadspin have a sampling of blogger reaction that leans much more jubilent than mournful as you might imagine.