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Wanna Play Fantasy Hockey?

By Brad Lee

Hi. We're slackers. Apparently fantasy hockey is more popular than we thought. We know this now because all of the best live online draft times between now and the start of the season are taken. You live and you learn.

So the "official" St. Louis Game Time Fantasy Hockey League will commence with a live online draft Oct. 7 at 6:15 p.m. St. Louis time. Scoring will start the next day. If you can't make the draft, it will autopick for you.

So if you're game, leave a comment and say you want to do it. We'll e-mail you the league info (don't worry, we have your e-mail from your registration as long as you put your legit e-mail). And don't worry about us, Brad's team had no goaltending and Sean claimed to be busy during the season, doing what, we don't know.