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Jay McKee Owes Someone About $480,807

By Sean Gallagher

Bad news - my foot hurts. Good news - I still get paid, y'all!Blues defenseman Jay McKee will miss four to six weeks with a broken metatarsal, the team announced today.

McKee, who has missed more games than he has played since signing with the Blues last summer, hasn't exactly shown himself to be un-brittle. He also hasn't shown himself to be a quick healer.

By my count, the team expects McKee will miss seven to ten games. By my count and his history since coming to St. Louis (home of the big paycheck), I'd put him at the 10 game mark.

At a seasonal salary of $4 million, that means that the Blues are on the hook to pay McKee $480,807 to sit in the pressbox, eat chicken fingers, sign autographs on the main concourse during intermissions and give up-beat interviews during the game about how he "can't wait to get back on the ice."

I'm no doctor, but it might be time to check McKee for early-onset osteoporosis.

I'm also no accountant, but I'm betting the ones that work down at 14th & Brett Hull Way are pulling their hair out right about now.