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Getting In Tune With Alexander Ovechkin

By Brad Lee

Wow, there's not crap going on with the Blues right now. Nothing. It's boring. Andy Strickland has been relegated to reporting player engagements. Wait, we're on board with that when it gives us an excuse to post the picture of Dan Hinote's future wife, Amy McCarthy, sister of Jenny McCarthy.

Hopefully they'll be roaming the halls of DrinkScotch this winter

Anyway, in these last few dark days before training camp opens and the season gets closer, we've been roaming around the Internets looking for hockey-related stuff. One place we visit often is Off Wing Opinion. Based in D.C., the site has a lot of Caps related info, but a lot of NHL posts overall. Don't worry, the name isn't related to that horrible franchise in Murder City, Mich.

Anyway, Off Wing had an interesting link last week to Alex Ovechkin's blog. It's in Russian. Awesome. A few thoughts.

1. More NHL players need blogs. As long as they're actually written by the players and not a PR hack.

2. Ovechkin goes by Sasha, the common Russian nickname for Alexander. After Sasha Khavanov, I would think most Russian players would have dropped that custom.

3. Sasha Ovechkin likes himself. If you snoop around his site (it kind of feels like hacking into the KGB), you can get to his user profile and pics he has at his disposal to describe his feeling that day. Here's his range of emotions:

Hi. I'm here. That's about it.

How you doin?

I might be a little hungover. Or concussed.

There are not enough hot puck bunnies in D.C.

My team sucks, but I'm one year closer to free agency, so it's not all bad.