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Don’t Forget The Live Blog!

I had to use this picture of the All-Star

By Brad Lee

It's been awhile since we slaved away over a hot laptop for your enjoyment in real time during a game. Tonight is the return of the live blog. We've been bringing the heat today with the funny. We're going to keep it going at 6 p.m. St. Louis time with the Blues at the Unoriginal Bastards.

There could be some bad blood from Tuesday night's ass kicking. Dwayne King might find his dance card kind of full early. The Blues made a statement Tuesday night that they are a better team than Columbus. Tonight will be about backing up that statement.

We'll see you here during the game. If you don't leave comments, we will end up doing something drastic like putting together a swimsuit calander with just Phyllis, the best friend of the Answer Man's mom. And nobody wants that.