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Blues At BJs Second Period

Good karma. Hopefully Kariya will want to celebrate in the road whites tonight. This could be my longest photo tag thingy ever.

By Brad Lee


Umm..... The commentary might start a little slow for the second period. I have to go pick up a pizza. To get a full refund for this live blog, send your receipt to our offices in Nigeria and they will send you twice the amount in conflict diamonds.

9:10 Let's see, what did I miss:

  • A Columbus wraparound goal

  • Ears making a save on the fourth breakaway of the game

  • And Andy Murray staring a hole through his team


7:24 Puck just sitting there and Boyes couldn't put it over a sprawled Leclaire. And now the Blues are pusshing and shoving. They need a Dwayne King punchfest.

There's a penalty. We think it's hooking. We don't know what team it's on. Classic.

5:22 Oh, it's on Kariya. Fannnnnnnntastic.

And I want to shoot in the throat that guy who yells, "Another Blue Jackets powwwwwwwwwwer play!"

pdub Says:

BJs score again here and I start drinking early tonight.Â
It's past noon, isn't it?

3:22 BJ power play was pedestrian until the last five seconds.

OK people, here's my question to last until the third: An effort like tonight after two tremendous games, is this a sign of youth, is it the back-to-back effect or was the team not as good as the last two games appeared?

2:01 I LOVE BOYES! Power play goal from the left circle. Puck came straight out. That makes it 3-2.

And maybe the answer to my question actually is: wait until the third period before you decide what the Blues are doing tonight.

1:41 Ryan Johnson with a shot. It was hard to see what he actually did because FSN shrunk the screen for an overly large graphic of Boyes' season stats.

And if RJ can get a good chance, it shows how fickle the momentum can be in this game. Kelly credits the timeout but the HOFer thinks it was killing the penalty. Personally, I think it was fresh words on the live blog.


Gotta admit, that period ended a lot differently than I was expecting. Blues still in this thing. Whoever controls the action early in the final period will probably win the game.

New thread up shortly.