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Blues At BJs Third Period

Kind of a symbolic photo of the Blues' play about half the game

We're here, we have a belly full of pizza. Let's go when they drop the puck.

Before we get rolling, let me bring the room down and get serious for a second. First of all, thanks to everyone who has kept the comments lively. It's always more fun to do this when I know someone is paying attention.

Second, I'm curious how you feel about Jamal Mayers. I feel like he's not a very smart hockey player who did not get the most of his speed over his career. He's very popular because he's a career Blue and plays hard and mostly tough. Have I been too hard on him? Thoughts.

19:49 And Mayers loses the opening draw.

19:14 McKee gets called for getting in the way of Zherdev who was actually trying to skate hard. Weird. Pretty important kill here for STL.

17:57 (Pause while Brad turns down his TV) John Kelly is yelling at me that Ears is making miraculous saves shorthanded. The second one almost snuck through.

17:20 nASH about put on in the upper corner but missed the net on a nice play where he stepped up in the slot. CBJ is way too dangerous for my taste.

16:27 And the Blues tie it up with the guy they stole from Anaheim for Doug Weight (otherwise known as Andy McDonald). The puck was passed from behind the net, it got deflected and sat on the ice with THREE BJs standing around. McDonald stepped up and put it past Leclaire.

Holy. Shit. It's a brand new ball game.

They just showed a replay of the nASH shot. Ears stopped it with the knob of his stick. His goalie stick, get your mind out of the gutter.

Poor College Student Says:

Andy McDonald. I’m lovin’ it.Â
Now that's a four-star comment!

13:15Â Vyborny going to the box. He did the, "Who, me?" By the way, he's a pussy. He wears a turtleneck under his jersey.

12:31 BLUES GET ANOTHER 5-3 for 1:17 thanks to Adam Foote.

11:45 If anyone can explain why Matt "Zero Career Goals" Walker was on the 5-3 power play, it would keep me from getting a full blown aneurysm.

10:31 Apparently everyone in the comments noticed Walker on the power play. Fucked up is what that was. And the last-place power play in the league goes 0-2 with the two-man advantage. Yet amazingly they're still in the game.

9:22 Boyes with a weak knuckler. Looks like the mantra from Murray is, "Put the puck on the net or we'll fucking leave you in Columbus tonight." And no one would want that.

8:43 I must have narcolepsy or something because I looked up and the Blues are on the power play. That, or the announcers are really not good at telling me what's going on. But still, I could have blacked out and not known it. Amazingly, I did NOT miss a Blues power play goal.

pdub Says:

Also, I’m trying to find numbers on 5-on-3 opportunities, but to no avail…
Look under goals for. It shows that the Blues have scored one stinking goal with the 5-3 advantage. It doesn't show how many chances they've had.

5:57 Weak ass goal for Zherdev. 4-3 Columbus. Ears should have had it. Went right through his pads. Hit McKee's legs, but it was still not a terribly hard save.

This game from Ears is like a classic Blues goaltending game from Roman "Double Cheeseburger Please" Turek, Brent "Make Mine A Double On The Rocks" Johnson and any other inconsistent goaltender you can think of. They make the impossible save and then let their guard down for one second, and all of a sudden they're looking over their shoulder for the puck in the back of the net.

4:39 And the flood gates open. 5-3 Columbus on a 2-1 by Janie Frickie or something like that.

"Hannu Toivonen would probably like that one back," Federko said.

 FUCK. I had some witty ass shit to end this thing and it gotten eaten by the Internets.

And....I just found it:

“And that one pretty much puts this one away,” the HOFer said. I’m surprised his key for the game wasn’t, “Score more than Columbus.”

Mayers is in a fight with someone. And it’s nice to see some other arena totally fuck up fights by playing music while they’re going at it. It’s inside the last couple minutes. Will there be fines coming? I thought that was a rule or something.

I have no idea how much time is left, like 37 seconds and Jay McClement scores. They just showed a shot of Andy Murray and he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

And that’s all she wrote, 6-4 Columbus.

If Tuesday was a statement from the Blues, this was one from Columbus. Now David Backes is getting his ass kicked in the cornere and Jackman wants to know why they’re letting it happen.

This was the third game in four nights tonight. And they play Sunday night too. Hopefully they look more rested then. Give your thoughts in the comments. We’ll have a post or up over the weekend. Thanks for keeping me company.