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Top 11ish reasons the Blues television ratings are up this winter

11: The Bionic Women has been cancelled.

what parts are real?

10: With the kind of media coverage hockey gets, people have to tune in to see if Eric Brewer has been traded yet. (short answer: no.)

09: Cow-tipping season is over

08: People figured out, finally, that the VS channel is located between the "Ear Wax Removal Channel" , and the "All Rodney Allen Rippy All the Time" channel

It's 2 big-a-eat!!!!

07: with the strong Canadian dollar, the number of visitors to the Lou from north of the border has quadripled to 13.

06: Location Location Location

05: Due to the writer's strike, rastlin' has been all repeats

damn scabs!!

over to you. remember, picture links make your well crafted comedy bits zing!