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Oilers At Blues Third Period Live Blog


By Brad Lee

Blues and the Oil Can are tied 1-1 after two periods. The wife probably won't like that I'm live blogging, my E key sticks and I've seen about half the game so far. Let's rock.

20:00 Larry Pleau told the Edmonton broadcast that Emmanuel was hit in the back of the head by a puck that richotted off the post. Felt woozy, came out after the first period.

16:34 Both teams playing a little conservatively. Garon is suddenly letting up a few less rebounds.

14:38Â Dustin Penner got loose on a breakaway, faked right, went left and scored past a sprawling Hannu Toivonen. Ugh. 2-1 Oilers.

11:35Â Brewer drew a penalty skating into an Edmonton forward. "Brewer is a big boy, and skating into him could get you hurt," one Edmonton broadcaster said. The wife said, "Maybe Brewer will get hurt."

10:50 Edmonton just got a 2-1 shorthanded, but the puck came off the stick. "We've said tonight that they have bad ice here in St. Louis." Thanks, pricks.

9:45 Mayers puts a shot on net, Garon stops the rebound. Maybe you have to shoot it harder than that, Jammer. "Garon knows what the Blues are trying to do on the power play, keep crossing the box." No, I think they want to slam it into the box. Or something like that.

8:56Â David Backes gets his fourth of the season. Mayers from behind the net, he centered and Backes came swooping in to scoop the puck home, his first in nine games. All tied at 2-2.

And the Edmonton broadcasters keep calling No. 21 Jamal Myers.

You too can buy a trip to see the Oilers in Florida. Charter flight, stay at the team hotel, meet and greet with players. The only bad part is you have to fly from Edmonton.

Strike that, leaving Edmonton is always a good thing.

6:35 Blues lead in shots 27-17. And Edmonton has won too many games in the shootout.

6:07 Smid got his stick up on Backes. Hopefully he's bleeding. Come on, bleed, dammit! Cut him!

(no blood)

4:41 Damn, the Blues suck on the power play.

Childhood Trauma Says:
almost the gordie howe hatrick, get that assist!!!
And as I was pasting that, the Oilers almost got the lead. Nojinxnojinxnojinx.

2:17 ANOTHER Blues power play, this time for cross checking. Kariya was camped out waiting for the centering pass and he got the stick to the back.


They're playing the "It's time for another Power Company That Can't Turn Your Power Back On Power Play!" song. The wife said, "They're playing that fucking song again. And I'm not even talking about the Cotton Eyed Joe Song."

END OF REGULATION. At the end of the power play, Stempniak carried the puck in deep, it got to Mayers who was streaking in...and he put it over the net. Sonofabitch.

Now they're showing highlights from the last Blues-Oilers game that went to the shootout when Edmonton won.

FYI: every shootout game so far for the Blues has involved Toivonen. He's 1-2, but he's only allowed two goals. Yes, that's right, in the win he shut them out and allowed one goal in each of the other two shootouts, and the Blues were held scoreless each time.

4:21 Why is McKee out there? Are they playing for the shootout? And Kariya ALMOST got a shot alone in the crease, but Moreau swept the puck away.

3:24 Blues controlling the OT so far. That's just asking for a jinx.

2:28 Perron is actually playing in OT. And Tkachuk almost stickhandled his way into the net but the defense collapsed on him.

1:58 Backman showed a glimpse of physical play battling with Horcoff in front of the net. That's weird.

1:31 Walker hooked Moreau down in front of the net to prevent a spin move. "Ohhhh, that's a cheap one right there. The Oilers got lucky." Yeah, considering Moreau grabbed Walker's stick too.

:37 Edmonton waaaaaay too slow moving the puck around.....before Dustin Penner slammed the puck home with 21 seconds left. Stoll took the big shot from the point and Penner was there to collect the rebound. Lucky chance. Edmonton sucks about as bad as St. Louis on the power play.

Blues now are 3-4-3 in their last 10 home games. Shit-tay. Not going to make the playoffs doing that.