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We Feel Bloated

Emmanuel Legace?

By Brad Lee

Man, the chicken strips were better than expected. And ordering hot dogs was like playing the lottery, sometimes you got a nice hot and fresh one, and sometimes you got one so cold, it could have been leftover from last year. We didn't have to wait in line at all, which is probably a bad thing. Because we ate waaaaaay too much. And the Blues played waaaaaay too shitty. When the Predators are running up the score, only another box of popcorn and free soda will make it feel better. So that top picture, coulda been us last night.

In the comments, GTPD asked, what is wrong with this team? The Blues have a record of 3-3-2 in January. They haven't posted a win in four straight games. In the three regulation losses, they've allowed 17 goals. In the three wins, they've allowed four. Obviously it's been feast or famine for the Blues, especially when it comes to defense.

Legace could have some lingering effects from his big collision last week. The backup goaltenders are more fragile mentally than Britney Spears. And about everyone we know who follows the Note is getting impatient. Dicking around like this cost the Blues the playoffs last year. It could do the same this year.

Your thoughts in the comments, please. Meanwhile, this run has left us feeling a little ill.

Can you call the doctor and get him to prescribe a winning streak?