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Give The Top Line A Name

Boyes and McDonald share a manly hug

By Brad Lee

Everybody seems to be in a funk around here, so this might not be the best time to ask for suggestions, but here goes.

When we're writing on the Interwebs or in the paper, we like to be clever, sometimes even mildly funny. But we can't always be clever on our own. Earlier this season when the No. 1 line was Boyes, Tkachuk and Kariya, the BTK Line moniker was suggested and approved because they were killers, and adopting the nickname of a serial killer from Wichita is not at all creepy. But Tkachuk has been moved around to help jumpstart the offense on another line (insert laugh track here) and Andy McDonald now skates in circles along the boards with Boyes and Kariya. Unless of course David Perron is up there, but let's leave things simple.

When Boyes, McDonald and Kariya are on the ice together, what should we call them? We had a few suggestions from the lively live blog last week. We'd ask this question again in the live blog for the game in Nashville tonight, but there won't be a live blog for the game in Nashville tonight because A) It freaking starts at 5 p.m. and who can get home before then unless the person is a teacher or federal worker who is off today? B) Apparently the invention of the television camera has not found it's way to Apalachia yet because the game in Nashville is not on TV -- anywhere -- rendering the Center Ice package powerless.

So, here are a few of the suggestions for the top line. Give us your suggestions/feedback in the comments. We'll try to have another post up this afternoon and maybe an open thread for people to give their best observations from the radio broadcast. Â

  • Fast Food Line (it's BK and McDonald, get it?)

  • The Fry Guys

  • Mayor McCheese and the Boyes

  • The Import Line

  • JD's Boyes

Eh. A couple of them are ok, but we have faith someone will step up and give us the correct answer in the comments.