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Blues At Predators Open Thread

One of the few actual punches thrown in this fight Saturday

By Brad Lee

We don't think we'll get too many comments in this one, but what the hell. It's not like we're getting many comments in any posts right now.

Blues are on the road for three this week before the All-Star break. Today they play at the weird time of 5 p.m. in Nasvhille, kind of a home, sit around a day and a half and home series. Here's the Yahoo! sports preview.

As we noted in the post about the top line's nickname that no one has read, the only way to watch this game is with a ticket because no television outlet on Earth is carrying this game, the only time this season it's expected, according to a quick glance down the Blues' schedule. So it's KMOX or nothing tonight.

It seems most fans have a bad taste in their mouth from the free food game Saturday, and it's not from the chicken strips. This team has played some uninspired hockey as of late. If they want to challenge for the playoffs, they need wins against teams like Nashville, teams they're battling with in the standings.

Oh and with the picture on top, hopefully the fisticuffs won't be left up to Mike Glumac who from this point forward will be known as Sticky. Thought you should know. Enjoy listening to the game and come back here to vent/celebrate.

UPDATE: Here's part of Jeremy Rutherford's Morning Skate blog:

The Blues will use the same lineup tonight against Nashville that they used Saturday vs. the Predators.

D.J. King and Christian Backman will be the scratches.

These were the lines Saturday:


But based on practice, I’m anticipating some changes tonight.

Andy Murray continues to hold his veterans accountable. Granted the game was out of reach in the third period Saturday against Nashville, but Keith Tkachuk played under 13 minutes.