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You Write The Comedy Tuesday

By Brad Lee

We're fresh out of words. We're used up. We can't spare another adverb, adjective or curse word. From writing for six home games we've had this month to churning out a couple live blogs and just writing other stuff about this team, we're now scraping the bottom of our barrel of words. It's fitting that we're worded out as as this team nears the bottom of the Western Conference standings.Â

Give us about 24 hours to find some more words, recharge and hit the Internets running Wednesday night with a live blog. And we promise we'll be able to describe how shitty this team is in new and descriptive ways. Mabye we'll have an analogy contest or something. That could be fun.

To tide you over, here's an interesting photo from the 6-3 debacle yesterday down in Dixie. We'd love it if you left a funny caption to this photo of David Backes standing over the corpse of Jason Arnott.

That's Jason Arnott crumpled on the ice.