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Top 11 Reasons Why Answer Man Should Be The Leafs New GM.

by The Answer Man

11. I have been to Toronto. I really wasn’t impressed but I can learn to like it I guess.
10. I have seen Strange Brew and I would try to sign Jean LaRose “all I’ve got’s two 5s”
9. I love fighting and apparently the Leafs Board is full of pansies
8. I know a lot about hockey. I played high school, Junior and “some” college.
7. I’d punch Jason Blake in the other eye, call him a Fruit and trade his ass
6. I remember the good ‘ol days with the likes of Lou Franceschetti. Good times...
5. I too hate Montreal and their non-showering French way of life too.
4. How does Toronto Game Time sound? Gallagher, how about a “sister publication?"
3. I am willing to change Cliff Fletcher’s colostomy bag and drool cup
2. I would take away McCabe’s roids and send his ass to the minors
1. I will be in full cahoots with the Blues and send them top picks and top players.
Wait, Toronto really doesn’t have any of those do they?