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Blues At Canucks

Told you they were morons.

By Brad Lee

Hey look, the third period post is up before the third period starts.

I'll make one more plea for y'all to head down the page to the AM's Top 11 list about the Leafs. It's lonely down there at the bottom. A charity comment to boost his ego (ha!) would be a nice gesture.

Blues enter the third up 2-1. If wew weren't lazy we'd look up the stat covering their record with the lead after two.

Kelly: "As we said, this could be the most important game of the season." Really? Are you sure? It's big. But what if they win tonight and get blown out tomorrow night. Doesn't that make tomorrow night the most important game of the year?

And they're 14-0-1 when leading after two and the nucks 0-17-1 when behind after two. "That's really an amazing stat," Federko gushed. Mainly because it looks good for the Blues. That automatically makes me nervous.

19:31 If I have to hear about one of the Sedin's wives pushing out a big-headed Swedish ginger baby one more time, I'm going to puke up a red-colored hairball.

18:52 McKee, two minutes for tackling. And if you rewind, when they zoomed in on the goalie making the call, a guy in the front row bent down so he could see himself on the jumotron. Douche bag.

18:14 You can't stop Mattias Ohlund, you can only hope to contain him. 2-2 with a power play goal for Vancouver. "It's another strange pass,"Federko said. He also said Manny wasn't square again and the puck went in at a strange place. Like where Legace wasn't?

17:32 The Fry Guys almost snuck the puck past Luongo, but at least drew a penalty. That little waterbug Kariya almost swept it in from his stomach.

17:02 Lee Stempniak showed his most decisive move to the net in games. Then Perron on a spinning move put the puck out off a Canuck leg. Damn that looked good regardless the outcome.


Dooks Says:

Blues PP is 1 for 2?? I don’t believe you
Soon to be 1-3, but I can take a picture of my TV to prove it to you.

15:24 And the Blues kill off another of their own power plays. And I hope the Canucks let Perron carry the puck untouched the length of the ice the rest of the game.

13:28 Boyes fans. Thought he might have another one. And does it bother anyone how small that line looks in the Blues' zone? Holy crap.

gallagher Says:

I have to say that my obsession with Walker and his career zero NHL goals is becoming all-consuming.

If he ever scores, I might be more excited than him.Â
Gotta admit, that's kind of a weird thing to admit, even on the Internets.

12:01 Christian Freaking Backman alone in the slot and put it wide and then I think Tkachuk or Backes put the rebound wide. Dammit.

Tim Says:

damn. Sister Christian Backman almost redeemed himself there.Â
Fair warning, I'm stealing this from now on. And I can't believe I didn't think of that sooner.

10:56 Time ticking away.

And the next You Write The Comedy will be with Emmanuel, sans mask.

9:57 Whenever the Sedins are on the ice and have the puck in the offensive zone, the whole arena gets a buzz to it.


I saw one a little while ago from Guinea Pig again. You're in. Post away. Anyone else reading this, you just have to post once and you're through the door. Sometimes during live blogs we're a little slow approving, but we're working on it. (the whole reason we do the approvals is to keep the spam out; we're getting 200+ spam comments a day--many from Sasha Cohen)

8:46 Isbister is a classic-sounding hockey name. Was there one in the league before him or has he been around for a long time or something? I'd research that, but I'm live blogging and can't be bothered with facts.

8:08 LUONGO COMMITS HIGHWAY ROBBERY ON OUR BOYES! That left me a little weak in the knees.

6:52 Brewer tried to turn the puck over all alone at his own blue line but was unsuccessful. Yeah!

5:30Â This is odd:

Chris D Says:

legace will melt it down into the glove…how in did he do that john kelly????Â
 I guess he's referencing the fact that the puck is frozen and now it's in his glove...melting?

4:02 "And we're getting a penalty here, or is it a high stick. I'm not sure," Kelly staying on top of things. Sticky just took a stick up high from Naslund. All together now:


2:49 The refs did it again. Fuck me. They did it again. Tkachuk had the nice break-in, was moving the puck around, the Luongo went down, looked like he might have made the save, Tkachuk collided with him, the puck went in. The whistle sounded.


2:38 The Canucks must feel bad because they just put the puck over the glass for a delay of game penalty and a two-man advantage for the Blues for just over half a minute. Holy crap.Â

2:18 It took 20 seconds to get any shot on net. Not a great one from McDonald but Tkachuk was there for the rebound. Didn't happen.

And now Luongo just made another save...or a defenseman. Fuck.

1:33 Kelly thinks Luongo's on his game. But he's giving up a fair number of rebounds. And the refs need to make sure he actually makes the save before they blow the fucking whistle.

:30 Power play done.

Chris D Says:

the blues have the worst five on three conversion rate in the history of the nhl this year
I believe they've scored once with the 5-3 all year. That's a joke.


Get used to these "Bud Light gives you the power to...." commericals. I heard one about breathing fire on the radio today that will air during the Super Bowl.

Anyone unhappy with the Blues' effort tonight? Probably their best game since the 1-0 shutout vs. Carolina.

4:44 "It almost went in off of Brewer on the near side." Gulp.

3:37 Daniel Sedin almost wins it. I forget, is he the one with closer eyes or farther apart eyes? Stick up or down?

2:57 Walker is out on the 4-4. You know what would be awesome...

FUCK this playoff push pack shit. What are you people thinking? You cancel the free beer game and then try to jinx them? Can't believe it.

2:15 Brewer almost, ALMOST took a killer penalty.

1:38 Manny, stay in net. Thanks.

1:17 No shots for the Blues in overtime. "It only takes one, John."

And they just got one. I think.

:40 Nucks just missed an open net.


And again we renew the call for the D.J. King skate hard into the goalie elbow flying for the first shooter tactic.

Kesler first: fakes twice...NO GOAL.

Boyes first: shot, glvoe save...NO GOAL 0-0 after one.

Edler (a rookie defenseman) shoots it into Legace...NO GOAL

Kariya: some speed, kind of fakes, shoots....NO GOAL 0-0 after two

By the way, this is the fourth shootout of the year, still only one Blues shootout goal.

Pyat: Shot high NO GOAL

David Fucking Perron. 19. No pressure. Shot...OFF THE POST. 0-0 after three rounds.

D. Sedin: Big dekes, got Legace moving, barely got stick on neet and got the goal.



3-2 Shootout win for Vancouver.

Apparently no one on the Blues knows how to deke because no one hardly tried it. It's almost like they're afraid the puck will get off their stick. Boy(e)s, you're not on DrinkScotch Center ice.

That's all she wrote. Keep the comments coming. We'll have fresh stuff tomorrow and another live blog as the Blues are in San Jose at 9:30 STL time.