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Blues At Sharks Live Blog!

Shark fishing anyone?

By Brad Lee

We're here. We might need a caffein drip by the end of the game, but we're here. Perron and Jay McKee are healthy scratches. Ryan Johnson is a game-time decision. If he can't go, it's Yan Stastny's debut in the Note.

We'll get rolling at the drop of the puck shortly.

As has been mentioned in the comments, Ryan Johnson is in the lineup and the radio broadcast expects Emmanuel in net after playing last night in Vancouver.

The Blues are 21-5-2 at HP Pavilion.

19:55 Fry Guys vs. Thornton and Cheechoo.

17:46 One of Federko's keys to the game is "Whatever it takes." Fuck the heck? So last night, the boys just need to give most of whatever it took? Half of whatever? Way to tie in marketing into the broadcast, Bern.

16:05 Remember when Mike Grier was an up and coming prospect that was a can't-miss player? He's 33 now. And he's played for Edmonton, Washington, Buffalo and now San Jose. He's more of a gritty type guy that's never produced. You could argue he never lived up to expectations.

13:22 King is skating hard tonight. I think he wants another goal to make Matt Walker and his Walker's fan club (population: 1) feel bad.

12:04 Jackman drew a cross check penalty on Joe Thornton. Jax was sprawled on the ice on his face and Thornton put his stick right across his back. Sharks got the puck, zebras called the penalty. All of a sudden, Jackman stands up and starts punching Thornton in the face about three times. Thornton, to his credit, kept his hands at his side hoping to draw Jackman into a penalty, and he did. What a fucking dumb mistake. Jackman, they had already called the penalty.

AND Jackman got four minutes on the play. And somebody who spends time around here thinks he should be captain.

Johnny Stats Says:

Hey Brad. How big is our Johnson tonight???
Hey Sharks, our Johnson is so big, he can play this game from San Francisco.

9:12 Pretty good penalty kill for the Blues. Apparently they haven't let last night's shootout loss get them down. On the eve of the Some Of The Stars Break and with last night's loss and traveling over night, I was afraid they'd come out and play like shit. Instead, they've got a little life. Encouraging.

Dooks Says:

I don’t know if Kelly is pronouncing it right, but when he says “Michalek”, he seems to leave out the ‘c’

Here is how his offical bio on the Sharks homepage suggests it's pronounced: mih-HAGH-lehk. To me it sounds like William Wallace's name at the beginning of Braveheart.

7:55 We're getting tired and seeing things because it looked like the Blues didn't convert on a 2-1 with Kariya and McDonald. Not possible. More caffein please.

6:22 Anybody else confused when they called Seteguchi's name? I didn't know So played hockey.

And now McDonald missed on a break-in. Not a good sign. The iron man Nabokov is playing well. Or Roberto Luongo stowed aboard the Blues' charter flight and decided to dress in Nabokov's sweater to torment the Blues another night.

Dooks Says:

by the way Brad, there’s an ‘e’ on the end of “caffeine”Â
Just seeing if anyone was still awake. Thanks for passing the test.

4:38 Anyone else think the Sharks are just biding their time waiting to pounce. And screw the marketing genius who's keeping with the Playoff Push Pack with two playoff tickets included.

"It's a hard game when you don't have a stick." He didn't make the Hall of Fame for nothing, folks.

"The Blues are having trouble getting shots through," Kelly said. Commenter Rich Horton thinks the shots are hitting the intended targets.

2:30 Are they so full on commercials that they have to put the Bud Light logo and do a live read during game action?

1:24 I mentioned this last night. Pay attention when McDonald, Kariya and Boyes are out there. Do you think they have a hard time clearing the zone if they get pressured at all? Boyes just had to chip it out right to a Shark forward.

0:46 Jackman going to the box for Slashing. Six PIM for Jackman in the first period. Sweet.

And when they play the Jaws music, some of the fans who were bussed in from the mental hospital are doing a shark mouth biting thing with their arms. Think Tomahawk Chop except lamer. If that's possible. And the fans also yell shoot on the power play.


Kind of uneventful other than Jackman going to the box and feeling shame. But as Bernie pointed out, they had good enthusiasm and didn't get blown out early. So we got that going for us.