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Blues At Sharks Second Period

Jim The Cat Hayes, meet the San Jose shark

By Brad Lee

One of the comments in the first period said there were eight total shots that period. I didn't think there were that many.

18:42 Micakalek or however you spell it was allllll alone in front of the net on the power play. He fanned and then put it right at Legace's head where he gloved it. Should have been a goal.

17:35 Now they're giving away Kid Rock tickets when you buy Tuesday night Blues tickets. We'd really prefer the free beer, thanks. Maybe if this was Kid Rock from like seven years ago. Maybe.

16:43 Roenick is no longer the video game character he used to be. And about the Sharks waiting to pounce, I think they are pouncing. Look out, this could get ugly.

15:53 Blues just got their first shot of the second period. Nice.

14:55 Cheechoo just undressed Backman (kinky) and then Backman slid into Manny. I pictured devestating knee injury. FORTUNATELY, nothing happened.

Are Cheechoo and Dwayne King related?

13:46 I'm sure the longer this game goes scoreless it helps the Blues. But it also gives me ulcers. Kelly called last night's game the most important of the season. Hogwash. But if they lose tonight, the Blues Bandwagon is going to have a lot of empty seats over the next week.

13:03 Joe Thornton might be the best passer in the western conference. Michalechahighmechineyhoe scored. Not that it took that good a pass. Michalob even fanned on it again before putting it home. 1-0 Sharks.

For the record, Mayers had the turnover in the neutral zone causing the goal.

11:08 Kariya and McDonald are getting lots of chances and not converting. Beer Beer will make it all better.

9:57 Salvador is not on the bench. He may have a problem with his equipment and having someone look at it. I didn't know the Blues brought the team urologist on road trips.

9:08 Now Sharks players are hitting each othere with shots. The plan is working perfectly.

6:06 Anyone want to tell me why Backes, Tkachuk and Mayers are playing together? Anyone have any hands on that line?

5:08 Looked up, saw a faceoff at center ice and wondered how I missed a goal being scored. I didn't. That was weird. And the Sharks are getting more shots. Anyone have an updated total on shots?

Amy Winehouse Says:

Good work Brad. I’m checking out your blog from rehab.
Uhhh, thanks.

And with that, Brad Lee at Game Time has officially jumped the shark. Fitting, actually that would happen tonight. By the way, that's a heckler from another Web site. Sweet.


The laptop just locked up so we missed writing anything amusing about the boring end to the second period. Even when all the players came together in a scrum at the end of the period, it was more hugfest than slugfest.

We'll be back in the third shortly.