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Blues At Sharks Third Period

Manny didn't quite stop this one.

By Brad Lee

Blues get their first power play of the game. So they'll be all rusty and shit.

And San Jose has the best PK in the league. SWEET.

19:00 Tkachuk, Stempniak and Glumac on the PP. Huh?

At least get a shot on net...or at least don't get a penatly called on...Stempniak going to the box. Well at least they got the Sharks' penalty killing unit off the ice.

18:20 Brewer with a decent shot. It didn't go in, but hey, small victories.

Rich Horton Says:

Who wants to help me snatch Oshie out of his dorm room over the All Star break?
I suggested in July during the development camp that somebody should plant some money in his bag and then turn him into the NCAA. No one took me up on the offer.

16:41 Cheechoo scores. "No chance for Manny Legace," Federko says for about the 50th time this season. Cheechoo sounds too much like Tootoo. Little prick. 2-0 San Jose.

Blues, I beg you. Give me a reason to stay up later.

Dooks Says:

anyone wanna join me for dinner at Sybergs tomorrow?Â
For their world famous shark chunks? Nice reference.

15:23 Again the Fry Guys have trouble in the neutral zone.

15:02 The Blues' casino night next week has a cigar and martini bar. But the DrinkScotch Center is totally non-smoking. Hmmmm.

Rich Horton Says:

Brad Boyes = Zero shotsÂ
Now that is an interesting/troubling/nauseating stat right there.

11:55 And TVs across St. Louis just clicked off as Bernier makes it 3-0 off the faceoff.





5:52 Was doing laundry when the Blues got on the board with Boyes' 29th of the year. 3-1 Sharks. Wasn't sure I was going to type another word on this sumbitch.

gallagher Says:

Walker draws the penalty. Is there anything No. 28 can’t do?Â
I can think of one thing he hasn't done his whole career.

4:53 About two seconds after I hit save on that last addition to the blog, the Sharks scored. Sorry fellas, my bad. Mabye I should go take out the trash. 4-1 Sharks. You can go ahead and bring out the zambonis. Run a few Blues players over for good measure.

3:49 And you know you're screwed when Kariya gets like three open looks at the goal and doesn't score on any of them, including a breakaway.

Dooks Says:

Walt better start a fight

Since Chris D isn't here, so I'll fill in.

what the hell is dj king doing on the ice? they are getting pushed around and he's doing nothin. king is about as worthless as kaaaaaachoke!

3:26 The refs called a penalty on Boyes because they got tired of watching him kick ass.

Well the highlight of this blog for me is the picture of Jimmy "The Cat" Hayes getting eaten by the San Jose shark mascot. That's a little depressing.

And there is no fucking way we're going to blog the skills competition or the Where's Sidney All-Star Game. Fair warning.

1:22 Shots are 26-17 San Jose. Sweet, way to put the pressure on and mount a comeback.

And now Ozolinsh is going after Hinote. "I think there's a little bit of bad blood. That dates back to the playoffs of the early 2000s," Federko said. Fuck the heck? You've got to be kidding. There's hardly anyone on either team left from then. You're crazy, you HOFer.

gallagher Says:

On the replay, if that isn’t an intent to injure, then I’ve never seen an intent to injure before.Â
You've seen the AM play. You've seen intent to injure. Any word from Phyllis from the cryptic e-mail (and I've just resorted to an inside conversation with Gallagher; sorry)?

And with some gentle pushing and shoving, that ends the game.

Are the Blues done in the playoff race? Can they recover from this stretch of winless games? What will the Blues do at the trading deadline? We'll start a new thread and hash it out.

Thanks for hanging out during a shitty game. We'll have a few things up around here to keep the pulse going during the All-Star Break.