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One Question, Son

Dave Checketts meets the people.

By Brad Lee

Saturday, Jan. 19, about 12:30 p.m. outside section 110 at the DrinkScotch Center...

Joe Blow Blues Fan: I'll have four chicken fingers and two hot dogs and two diets, please.

A Woman We Don't Know: Sure, here you go. Would you like some popcorn?

JBBF: Ummm, I don't know. I've kind of got a lot of what the heck. It's all free, right?

AWWDK: Well step over here and get your popcorn from Mr. Dave Checketts.

JBBF: Whuh...huh...Mr. Checketts! Oh my gosh, it's great to meet you! (turns around to girlfriend, dumps all of the food in her arms)

Dave Checketts: Hello there. Thank you for coming out to the game today.

JBBF: Aw man, we wouldn't miss it. The Blues...they are my life. I love them. I have to shake your hand and say thank you for the food today. Thank you for hiring John Davidison. (continues shaking hand)

DC: Sure, sure.

JBBF: Thank you for hiring Andy Murray. Thank you for signing Paul Kariya. (continues shaking hand)

DC: It's great to see a young man like yourself with such enthusiasm for the Blues. Thank you for sticking with the team and we hope you enjoy the food today.

JBBF: Oh, I will! Guaranteed! (continues shaking hand while reaching with the other to complete the two-handed shake)

DC: One question, son. Why the hell did you get a No. 32 sweater in the new style and put the captain's C on it? (pulls his hand back) Our last player to wear No. 32 was Ville friggin' Nieminen. We cut ties with his useless ass over the summer. So technically speaking, no one has worn No. 32 in the RBK sweater yet. And as you know, we haven't named a team captain since we switched to the new design.

JBBF: I....uh... (one tear wells up in the corner of his eye)

DC: If you turn around and show me that you put your own goddamn name on the back of that sweater and had the gall to name yourself captin, I'm going to climb over this table and shove this popcorn box down your throat -- cardboard and all.

JBBF: (turns and runs)

DC: Who wants some popcorn? Free popcorn here!