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You Write The Comedy Tuesday

By Brad Lee

Hello Blues fans, and welcome to the official second half of the season. Just think the Blues could be on the verge of an exciting and thrilling playoff run. Or they could be in the midst of a season-killing swoon that will lead to unmet expectations and a horrible end of the season that will lead to some popular guys getting traded to other teams for even more draft picks and prospects. And while hardcore fans on the Internets LOVE more picks and prospects, the playoffs can be fun too. So you know what some of us are rooting for.

We know it's been a rough couple weeks. Hopefully the break has recharged your batteries for some sharp-witted comments here at little ol' Game Time. We love our commenters. To give you folks some easy practice, here's an empty net shot. Even Gift won't screw this one up. Below is a picture of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and NHLPAÂ Director Paul Kelly. What do you think they're saying to each other?

Why does the union keep hiring tall guys?Â