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Come Back For The Live Blog!

Marcus, is that you?

By Brad Lee

Well boy(e)s and girls, it's time to jump back into the regular season. The Blues have the chance to beat up on a pitiful Toronto Maple Leafs team on the road tonight. Of course they have at least an equal chance of failing miserably and losing to one of the worst teams in either conference. Good times!

We'll be back for the live blog at 6:30 p.m. STL time. Friend of the blog Jeremy Rutherford (well I hope we're friends; we've never met or talked or anything but I read him a lot and generally like his stuff and link his blog regularly, so that's good enough for me) had a great in-depth blog this afternoon. The Blues might go with seven defensemen tonight (they have eight with the team right now). Steve Wagner is going to get some power play time and Manny Legace is in net. Feel free to start the comments and we'll let you know when the game post is up.

It's the second half of the Blues' season, here live on St. Louis Game Time! (cue the cheesy theme music)